Teacher, speaker, translator. English, Spanish, & STEM.

Every child deserves a quality education and an optimal learning environment where they feel empowered to take ownership of their education. I focus on enhancing student learning through the use of technology and providing experiences to bridge the gap.

How do we view special education?

Sharing my journey of understanding what "special education" really means. I'm exploring misconceptions, the role of teachers and parents, and the true value of this vital resource. Time to rethink special education - join me!

Student Voice / Voz estudiantil

Balancing state education requirements with student voices felt like walking a tightrope. But handing some reins of learning over to the kids? Totally worth it! With lesson "menus" for independent study and valuable feedback from students, we're creating a dynamic, responsive learning environment. The journey's challenging, but hey, isn't growth always?

Defined by our circumstances?

My eye-opening experience with a "privilege walk." It got me thinking about privilege, attitude, and how we see ourselves.

New in Apple Education!

Diving into Apple's latest updates targeted at education! I'm sharing my excitement about new tools and possibilities for our classroom iPads. Join me as we explore what's coming and how it can transform our students' learning experience.


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    Sprague Education
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    Cannon Elementary School
    Dual Language & STEM Teacher - 1st & 3rd
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    Round Rock ISD
    Bilingual Teacher - 4th